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Cakes came to be associated with birthdays in the 15th century when German bakeries began marketing them for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions. They also placed a candle on the cake to symbolise the light of life. Today, cakes are an integral part of any birthday, with people looking for unique ingredient combinations ranging from Nutella with chocolate ganache to whiskey with salted caramel. But if you’re looking for something less odd but definitely unique, we suggest you buy Vancho birthday cake in Nagercoil. We even have an eggless Vancho fresh cream cake if you’re vegetarian. And if you are looking for something even more unique, here are a few different types of cakes you must try at Greatest Bakery.

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Nutty Bubble Cake

The nutty bubble cake is a recent creation invented by bakeries in and around Kerala. I’m not sure, but someone, somewhere, suggested that this was probably conceptualized in a Kannur bakery. The cake consists of a cream-filled sponge cake with layers of nuts and dark chocolate. To justify the bubble part of the cake, bakers drop white chocolate ganache that resembles bubbles over the top layer. The entire look is then finished with a generous dusting of caramel-flavoured Boost.

At Greatest Bakery, we soak the cake in Boost mixed with condensed milk and layered with whipped cream. The cake is then decorated with nuts like cashews, almond slivers, raisins, and dark chocolate shavings. But I suggest you don’t go for the nutty bubble cake if you are trypophobic like me. To the uninitiated, trypophobia is an unusual aversion to repetitive patterns or clusters of circles.

Vancho Cake

As the name suggests, a Vancho cake combines the goodness of vanilla with dark chocolate. The cake consists of vanilla cream-filled sponge cake with layers of chocolate ganache. And the cake is finally decorated with chocolate with swirlings on dark chocolate. This is a rich cake that appeals to both vanilla and chocolate lovers. In some places, the Vancho cake is made by altering layers of vanilla-flavoured and chocolate-flavoured sponge cakes.

Visit us to buy Vancho birthday cake in Nagercoil or you can order from our website or phone for online delivery, call us at 9003900374. Or you can message us on our website, and we’ll gladly help.

Red Bee Cake

If your loved one prefers unique cakes, you must try this red bee cake. This is a simple cake with vanilla-flavoured sponge cake decorated with chocolate ganache and topped with red dust. Heart-shaped chocolate decorations and chocolate shards add to its appeal.

You can order this red bee cake in Nagercoil or order fresh cream cakes online delivery in Nagercoil at Greatest Bakery.

Caramel Butterscotch Cake

This caramel butterscotch cake is one of the best cakes I have ever tasted. The cake consists of butterscotch-flavoured sponge cake layered with plenty of salted caramel. The frosting is made using chocolate ganache with a generous gold-coloured chocolate ganache drip. To make the cake even more appealing, we have decorated the cake with white chocolate sheets.

The cake is super moist and tender with a lovely bourbon flavour and salted caramel frosting makes it interesting.

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