How To Choose Birthday Cakes?

Birthdays are incomplete without cakes, irrespective of age and gender. It’s almost the centrepiece of the event and the most eagerly awaited part of the celebration. While you can choose any random cake from a local bakery, it takes a special cake to make the birthday person feel special. Read on to learn how to choose the best cake. And if you plan to buying cakes in Nagercoil, visit us.

Pick A Theme

If you’re looking for cakes that would undoubtedly be a smash hit, go for theme cakes. For instance, if you’re celebrating someone’s 50th birthday, you could either go in for a birthday cake that resembles the number 50 or opt for a gold-themed cake. The person’s favourite colour, favourite destination, etc., are a great starting point for deciding a theme. For instance, if the birthday girl likes shopping or enjoys designer shoes, how about a cake that resembles her favourite brand?

A cake’s design is what adds to its wow factor. You can share photos, videos, and other references to the baker for inspiration. If you’re picking cakes for children, how about asking the kid to draw their idea of a fantasy cake? If you’re picking themes for a nature lover, how about choosing dreamy cakes with flowers and fresh fruits as toppings?

choose birthday cake

Pick On the Size

It depends on how many people you are inviting. Knowing the invite list is the first step in deciding the perfect birthday cake. You need enough cake for everyone, and even ensure there’s enough left to pack some for relatives and loved ones who couldn’t come. You may also want to consider guests who may want a second serving. This ensures that nobody is disappointed and everyone eats to their heart’s content. When spending so much money and time planning the perfect birthday, shouldn’t you be making sure there’s enough for everybody?

But if the birthday person isn’t too keen on the cake as the centrepiece, you can always opt for a simple cake while taking care of buying enough cakes slice for guests.

Pick A Flavour

Picking a flavour can be tricky unless you are sure about the birthday person’s favourite flavour. You could either start with classic favourites like vanilla, chocolate, or fresh fruits. You can always mix and match different flavours to create a unique taste combination that everyone’s sure to love.

Pick Toppings

Not just the theme and colour, but the toppings also contribute towards making an impact. You can get as creative as you choose with topping ideas dear to the birthday person. Classic toppings include chocolate shavings, candies, macarons, fresh fruits, nuts, etc. Or, pick themes that reflect the birthday girl or boy’s personality, hobbies, or passion. If your loved one is a fan of crocheting, what about creating toppings that resemble a crotchet needle and twine?

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