Why Should You Order Fresh Cream Cakes at Greatest Bakery?

Fresh Cream Cakes

Not long ago, birthday cake frostings were made using Dalda or margarine. While vegetable shortening made the cakes long-lasting, the frosting left a bad taste in the mouth, giving it an oily and heavy feel. Fresh cream cakes were unheard of; the only option left was dry and bland cakes. But thanks to modern-day refrigeration, fresh creams have become all the rage. Read on to learn why you should order fresh cream cakes online for delivery rather than other cakes.

Why Order Fresh Cream Cakes Online?

Fresh creams are light and have an airy texture. Unlike butter or margarine, whipped cream isn’t too heavy, giving you that melt-in-the-mouth feel. With fresh cream, it is easy to infuse different flavours. And that is probably why you have a lot of flavoured cake varieties like Kiwi fresh cream cake, pineapple cake, or strawberry fresh cream cake. Not to mention, chocolates, coffee, and even Indian desserts like rasgulla and kulfi.

Unlike regular cakes that are deathly sweet, fresh cream cakes are perfect they’re neither bland nor sweet. And they’re healthier when compared to margarine and buttercream cakes.

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Fresh Cream Cake Vs. Ice Cream Cake

Cakes and ice creams are great desserts, but do they go well together? There are conflicting opinions about ice cream cakes, with some loving it, while others like me, simply hating the idea. For one, they’re too sweet. And ice cream cakes can melt too quickly in a hot and humid country like India, where refrigeration isn’t excellent. Also, I find ice cream cakes to be drier when compared to cakes. Rather than wasting a good ice cream and cake, why not combine the two elements add a scoop of vanilla ice cream beside a black forest cake and you are in food heaven! The best thing about a cake is its frosting with an ice cream cake, there’s not much frosting. It’s just a layer of ice cream over cake.

Fresh Cream Cake Vs. Fondant Cake

Fondant cakes are like sculptures. You can make anything out of them. But do they taste good? No! For the fondant to stick to the cake, it must be pre-baked. Compare this to fresh cream cakes that can be baked fresh and decorated immediately. No wonder fondant cakes are usually dry! Yes, the fondant is appealing, especially to children. But why would you spend so much money on a dry cake? Irrespective of how well it is decorated, at the end of the day, you’ll only end up eating it. I’d rather spend my money on a freshly baked cake than a dry, pre-baked cake with fancy decorations.

Fresh Cream Cake Vs. Margarine | Butter Cream Cake

Since butter cakes are dense, they are ideal for supporting heavy cake designs, including double-tier cakes. Multi-tiered fresh cream cakes would collapse under the weight. Butter cakes make sense as wedding cakes, which are often multi-tiered. The downside is that these cakes’ sponges are dry and wouldn’t taste as good.

Choosing between ice cream cakes, butter cream cakes, and whipped cream depends on the occasion. For instance, buttercream cakes make sense for weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Fondant cakes are ideal to celebrate a child’s birthday, anniversary, or other special events. Fresh cream cakes are suitable for birthdays, where taste is more important than anything else.

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