A Few Things to Know Before Ordering Chocolate Cakes

Chocolate cakes

Chocolate cakes are among the most popular options for people across genders and ages. A recent study revealed that around 84% of respondents preferred a decadent chocolate cake over other flavours. In fact, America even celebrates a national chocolate cake day on January 27th every year. Read on to learn more about this rich and luxurious dessert. And if you are looking for premium cakes in Nagercoil, visit Greatest Bakery.


There are different versions of when this luxurious cake was invented. Some believe that chocolate cakes were first invented by a French chef for Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife. Some others believe that the cake was first introduced by an American, Sarah Lee, during the 1800s. But the first recipe for chocolate cake appeared in Eliza Leslie’s cookbook, The Lady’s Receipt Book, in 1847. The first boxed, ready-to-eat chocolate cake was made during the 1920s by O. Duff and Sons. Betty Crocker made chocolate cakes mainstream with her pre-made chocolate cake mix.

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The Different Types of Chocolate Cakes

There are plenty of chocolate cake recipes out there, with bakers coming up with their variations every other day. The most popular and luxurious of them all is sachertorte, an Austrian version of a chocolate cake that’s rich, dense, and dripping in thick dark chocolate icing. What makes it unique is the layer of sweet apricot jam spread thinly between the layers of chocolate sponge. The cake is served with unsweetened whipped cream to add to the decadence.

The chocolate mug cake is a lazy man’s dessert that could be argued as not being an actual cake. But it’s easy to make, tastes delicious, and doesn’t take much time. All you need to do is mix self-raising flour with sugar, eggs, milk, and cocoa powder into a mug and pop it into a microwave for a minute or two. Voila! The cake is ready to eat before you know it!

A chocolate fudge cake is on the repertoire of every professional and home baker. Needless to say, the cake involves spreading a thin layer of chocolate icing between layers of chocolate sponge cakes. To make it even more indulgent, decorate them with chocolate ganache or topping the cake with chocolate chips or fudge.

A chocolate lava cake involves baking decadent chocolate cakes in ramekins with the centre filled with gooey liquid chocolate. The filling oozes out when you cut through the sponge cake, making the dessert even more tempting.

Try the chocolate truffle cake if you’re looking for a rich chocolate cake. The cake is dense, moist, and has a smooth chocolate truffle frosting.

As mentioned earlier, you can be as inventive as you like when baking a chocolate cake. An Oreo chocolate cake, Ferrero Rocher chocolate cake, Belgian chocolate cake, chocolate pavlova cake, chocolate fudge cake with caramel buttercream…. the options are endless.

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