Chocolate Dream Truffle


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This chocolate cake creates a heavenly sensation that melts in the mouth. With layers of rich chocolate cake, velvety chocolate cream, and decadent chocolate truffles, this cake celebrates cocoa in all its forms. Baked perfectly, it has multiple layers, each contributing to its moist and tender texture. Each bite offers a symphony of cocoa flavours, satisfyingly rich and indulgent.

This cake is carefully adorned with creamy chocolate frosting and golden sprinkles. Its extra creamy fillings add a luxurious texture and deep flavours. Each slice offers flavours and textures that tantalize the taste buds and leave a lasting impression.

Its elegant taste and irresistible allure will surely delight chocolate lovers and dessert enthusiasts alike. As they melt on your tongue, they release their indulgent flavours. Order chocolate cream truffle fresh cream cake for online delivery in Nagercoil to enjoy this chocolatey bliss. Sizes are available from 1/2 kg to 2 kg. Enjoy this cake for any occasion, such as a birthday party, anniversary or dinner party. If you opt for an eggless cake, we freshly bake eggless chocolate cream truffle fresh cream cake based on the requirement. We bake with fresh and finest quality ingredients and have been in business since 1972.

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