5 Things to Remember When Ordering Cake for Your Kid’s Birthday

Birthday Cakes

Cakes are naturally synonymous with birthdays. But when celebrating your kid’s special day, the cake is most certainly the centrepiece at the event. Given their excitement, it’s natural that they’d want the cake to be visually appealing and represent their favourite things. Learn how to order a perfect cake for your kid’s birthday. And if you are looking for the best birthday cake in Nagercoil, visit Greatest Bakery.

Discuss with Them About the Theme

Since it’s your child’s birthday, it’s only natural that their opinion is most important when deciding on the theme. Does your child love cartoon characters? Is she a nature lover? Does she feel passionate about cars? Is your child a Marvel fan? Is he a fan of sharks, whales, and other marine animals? Incorporate different elements of your child’s favourite things into the cake. Or, you can ask your kid to draw her idea of a dream cake and then give it to the baker to decorate the cake using the concept.

Discuss Costs with The Baker

Customised cakes are expensive. The more customisations you need, the more it could cost you. If you’re working on a limited budget, work with an amateur baker who is only starting. Also, discuss if you can help with certain decorative elements, i.e. if you are good at working with fondants.

And if that too seems expensive, how about baking your cake and decorating it with help from YouTube?

Baking a Cake at Home

If your child is old enough to appreciate that you’re putting in time and effort to bake a cake at home, consider making one for your little one. A simple kids birthday cake need not be complex. Even a simple vanilla cake layered with chocolate whipped cream and decorated with edible confetti and sprinkles should do the trick. And if you have a creative hand, consider decorating the cake using readymade fondant.

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Choose Your Child’s Favourite Flavour

With children, you cannot have a huge flavour range they’re often picky and don’t like experimental flavours. Coffee, cinnamon, green tea, mint, etc., are flavours that aren’t a hit with children. It’s best to ask children what they like instead of second-guessing their choices. And if you’re not sure, it’s best to stick to chocolate. You’ll hardly go wrong with it!

Decide on The Size of The Cake

This depends on the number of guests you want to serve. Typically, a 1 kg cake can serve around 6 to 11 people, depending on the number of kids and adults in the guest list. If you’re throwing a party for 50-60 guests, you’ll need a 5 kg cake.

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