Four Fruit-Based Cakes From Around The World

Fresh Cream Cakes

No celebration is complete without a cake. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or wedding, a cake sets the mood for the occasion. Besides other must-have ingredients, fresh and candied fruits have always been an indispensable element in cakes. At Greatest Bakery, we constantly come up with unique fruit-based cake flavours, ranging from kiwi cakes to a variety of orange cake designs. We even have an eggless orange cake variety for our vegetarian clients. Visit us to buy orange birthday cakes in Nagercoil or order them online. Here are a few famous fruit-based cakes from around the world.

Fruit Cake

Fruitcakes have been around since Roman times when soldiers carried them to the battlefields as a snack. In Medieval England, it included meat and sherry. Around the 16th century, people began adding nuts and candied fruits, thus shaping the modern fruitcakes we know today. The tradition of making fruitcakes during Yuletide has been around since Victorian times, thanks to Queen Victoria, who enjoyed the cake for dessert. Today, fruitcakes are a Christmas staple, with families gathering for the fruit mixing ceremony weeks before the festival. Unlike other cakes, what makes fruit cakes, aka plum cakes, special is their shelf life. Did you know the oldest existing plum cake was baked in 1878?

Fruit-Based Cakes

Black Forest Cake

Birthdays are incomplete without a black forest cake. This rich and decadent cake includes several layers of chocolate cake filled with fresh cream and loads of maraschino cherries and topped generously with chocolate shavings. Black forest cakes were introduced around the 1930s but became popular after the Second World War. However, historians believe they were probably first baked around the 1500s when chocolate was first introduced in Europe. This delectable cake gets its name from the Black Forest region in Germany, famous for its cherries and kirschwasser, a cherry brandy.

Orange Cake

Different cultures have different versions of orange cakes. For instance, clementine cakes are popular in the UK and made using clementines, a smaller and sweeter version of oranges. It is similar to the Jewish Passover cake which probably originated in the Iberian Peninsula and was made by the Sephardic Jews. The Passover cake is gluten-friendly as it is made using almond flour. There’s also a Sicilian variant of the orange cake where whole oranges are pureed with the skin and all to flavour the cake. The cake is decorated with candied orange slices and icing using orange liqueur and zest. It was invented by monks at the Benedictine monastery in Catania, Sicily. At Greatest Bakery, our unique orange cake is made using high-quality oranges and other ingredients. Call us to check our orange cake price or to order fresh cream cakes and online delivery in Nagercoil .

Banana Cake

Banana cakes were probably invented around the 1930s during the Great Depression when women were looking for extra sources of income to support their families. But every culture has its unique version of banana cakes. For instance, steamed banana cakes were a traditional Chinese, Malaysian, and Vietnamese cuisine staple. Indians have always used overripe bananas to make traditional cake-like desserts called appam. Today, banana cakes are an all-time favourite for people of all ages. They’re easy to make, inexpensive, and perfect for weddings and feasts.

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