Why Order Your Next Birthday Cake from Greatest Bakery?

Birthday Cakes

You don’t need an occasion to savour a cake! When the mind’s set on enjoying the delicious dessert, anything can become an occasion to celebrate. From anniversaries and Valentine’s Days to Father’s Day or even getting raises at work. But some celebrations are incomplete without a cake, a birthday being one. True, cakes are integral to every birthday, irrespective of age or gender. Call Greatest Bakery to order a birthday cake online in Nagercoil to make your celebrations even more special. Here’s why:

You Don’t Have to Get Out of The House

What’s better than ordering cakes from the comfort of your home? You don’t have to navigate the traffic or walk in the hot blazing sun. From arranging décor to preparing food and coordinating with guests, there are plenty of things to worry about when planning a birthday. While you worry about everything else, we’ve taken one worry off your list. Visit our website to choose from our selection of cakes and get your cake delivered to your doorstep. You don’t have to visit our birthday cake shop in Nagercoil, we’ll deliver it safely and on time. True, you can send someone to our bakery but also run the risk of getting the cake ruined on the way. With our online cake delivery service, you will not only save on time and energy, but we also accept the responsibility of the cake reaching your home in the right condition.

birthday cake online nagercoil

Our Cakes Are Affordable When Compared to Home Bakers

Baking cakes is laborious and expensive because of the ingredients and the equipment used to make them. Bakers cannot compromise on time or ingredients to ensure the cakes are top-quality. Not to mention the many hours that go into decorating the cake, ensuring everything, including the design, colour, texture, and technique, is right.

The advantage of baking cakes in a commercial setting is that we use industrial machinery, from industrial mixers to huge commercial ovens and freezers. We buy things in bulk and can bake a few hundred cakes in an hour. When cakes are baked fresh using quality ingredients, it doesn’t matter if they’re baked at home or in a bakery, the taste and quality are the same. Naturally, we pass on this advantage to our customers by selling them quality cakes at affordable prices.

Fondant Cakes Are Overhyped

But not everyone needs an overly decorated cake. Not everyone’s looking to make a statement with the cake. Besides, nobody eats the fondant, it just gets thrown in the bin! Why would you spend thousands of rupees on a hyper-realistic cake only to peel off the fondant when eating the cake? Fondants taste like clay, they’re too sweet and flavourless. Fondants are made using sugar, hydrogenated oils, glycerol, and gelatin, which are not a healthy addition to cakes. Not to mention the artificial colouring that’s added to the icing, but they’re malleable, stable, and lasting long, and hence, the best choice for making hyperrealistic three-dimensional cakes.

While the design looks fantastic, the actual cake is dry. This is because you cannot apply fondant on a freshly baked cake. You must allow it to cool down, ensuring the cake is dry enough for the fondant to stick to the cake. They’re usually prebaked and refrigerated almost a day or two before, making the cake even drier.

Another problem with homebaked cakes is that people tend to go overboard with the frosting to make the cake pop out. For instance, while rosette cakes look beautiful, it’s too much frosting. AT Greatest Bakery, we don’t go overboard on the frosting and maintain a healthy balance between health and taste.

Call us now to order fresh cream cakes in Nagercoil or, a birthday cake online delivery in Nagercoil.

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