Home Bakers Vs Commercial Bakers

Birthday Cakes

Cakes make every occasion special, from birthdays and anniversaries to marriages and baby showers. Thanks to the internet, many baking enthusiasts have turned to home baking inspired by fellow bakers worldwide. The pandemic encouraged them to turn their passion into business with the help of social media. Even a small city like Nagercoil boasts hundreds of professional homebakers. As the best birthday cake shop in Nagercoil to offer exclusive cakes like Black Forest and White Forest, Christmas fruit cakes, and cookies, we’re happy to welcome home bakers into the business. Seeing people create exquisite cakes is always a joy. But you can’t always rely on home bakers to make your events memorable. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider buying from a commercial baker:

When You Need to Order Cakes in Bulk

Indian weddings are always on a grand scale; even a simple wedding would have 300 guests. Homebakers can’t arrange cakes for such a huge crowd. This is where retail bakers like us step in, we can produce large quantities of cakes in a short time. Our established supply chain helps us source quality ingredients at cost-effective prices. As suppliers of fresh cream cakes in Nagercoil, we can supply a range of cakes at the best rates. Our delivery logistics ensure your cakes are delivered on time, irrespective of how much you order.

Home bakers neither have the space nor equipment to bake large quantities of cakes. And they don’t have access to our bulk-purchasing discounts, leading to higher costs. But most importantly, they cannot guarantee that the cakes will be delivered on time.

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When You Need a Cake Urgently

Forgot a friend’s birthday? Need a cake to surprise your wife on her promotion? At Greatest Bakery, you can walk into our bakery anytime to pick a cake. Better still, you can order a birthday cake online in Nagercoil from anywhere in the world. We’ll deliver it to your doorsteps at any time and place. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with a home baker, you must order a cake in advance.

When You Need a Budget-Friendly Cake

Customised cakes are not cheap. They are difficult to make and involve plenty of intricate work. When customers place an order, they must draw up a design and even re-design it until it meets their expectations. Naturally, these cakes will be expensive. But not everyone needs a hyperrealistic or hand-decorated cake. Sometimes, you only need a simple cake to bring together an event. At Greatest Bakery, we can order any cake you want at a budget you can afford.

Call or visit our birthday cake shop in Nagercoil to order a cake for your birthday, anniversary, or any other event.

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