What to Know Before Buying Russian Honey Birthday Cake

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The Russian honey cake, or Medovik, is one of Russia’s most famous desserts. This layered cake is infused with honey alternated with rich and luscious sour cream frosting. The honey imparts a distinct and warm sweetness, while the sour cream adds a tangy balance. The cake is balanced with nuts or crumbs of the cake. We suggest you buy this Russian honey birthday cake to make your celebrations even more special. Learn more about this cake, including its history and ingredients.

russian honey birthday cakes

The History of Russian Honey Cakes

Most Russian moms have their own recipe for honey cakes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Some also tweak the recipe to create variations like caramel and chocolate. While there are many versions of its history, people commonly credit the cake to Elizaveta Alexeyevna, the wife of Alexander I. It is believed that she didn’t like honey but the chef who made this cake didn’t know this. Her anger immediately turned to delight with the first bite.

Some believe that the Russian honey cake isn’t native to Russia at all. It was adapted from a foreign recipe and became famous as it appealed to the Russians’ taste for honey. The cake was probably invented around the 12th century by German nuns who mixed flour with honey and left for a month for the dough to rise. The cake was flavoured with nuts, spices, and dried fruits.

Irrespective of its origins, Russian cakes are one of the most popular cakes and are found in restaurants across the country.

How We Make Our Russian Honey Cakes at Greatest Bakery?

We use the finest ingredients to ensure the cakes are fresh and delicious. Honey imparts a distinctive sweetness and a unique taste to the cake. The honey also makes the cake moist and tender. We top the cake with cream frosting for that creamy texture and decadent taste. We also offer an eggless Russian honey fresh cream cake in Nagercoil for vegetarians. To order Russian honey fresh cream cake online delivery in Nagercoil, call 9003900374 or visit us. You can also order them through our website.

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